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In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, "An Introduction to Pickleball and the Girls who Love it with special guest, Bob Lanzi, General Manager of Mega Pickle and Pong.


In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, Pickleball Gratitude, the art of being Grateful the CHIX share the power of a grateful mindset and express thanks for all of the wonderful people they have met in the pickleball world.

In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, Pickleball Trainer to the Pro's - Leslie Roberts - 4 Warm-Up Tips to Prevent Pickleball Injuries. Leslie trains Pro's like Zane Navritil. Leslie also share a special warm-up video for CHIX listeners.


In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, "bubly PPA Pickleball Tournament, MLP Draft and Interview with Pro's and Owner's", the CHIX break down the MLP 2023 Draft and all 2023 MLP players, and explain the Premier and Challenger teams for the new season, share highlights of the draft, interview, Tyson McGuffin - The Most Electrifying Man In Sports, Kim Cljisters and Kaitlynn Kerr with LV Night Owls, and meet new up and comer, Chris Haworth.



In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, "CHIX host Mr. Rick Gray of Mega Pickle and Pong", and confirm the "BIG NEWS". MEGA is opening a "second" location FALL of 2023 in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This is a great episode, be sure to watch as the CHIX share fond experiences at MEGA.


In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, "Pickleball CHIX talk pickleball paddles  with PikNinja Sports", with FuYei as their very special guest. Learn how PikNinja started their pickleball paddle company, and learn about FuYei's commitment to community. AND the CHIX talk the new paddle, the "Revenant" - which is now their absolute favorite. It is a fabulous show! Don't miss this CHIX podcast.


In this pickleball CHIX podcast episode, "CHIX talk pickleball with Ritchie Tuazon - Owner of Pickleball Dynasty TEAM BLQK". Such an exciting show and a great guest, learn about the start of MLP when there were only 8 teams. In 2021, Team BLQK took the championship and were coined " the Pickleball Dynasty". Having players such as Ben Johns, Irina Tereschenko, Rob Nunnery and Andrea Koop in 2021. Year 2022 was another great year with Zane Navritil, Parris Todd, Rafa Hewett and Ireina Tereschenko returning. This year, MLP Season BLQK are in the Premier League at MLP with their #1 draft pick, Andrea Koop, and Dylan Frazier, Federico Staksrud and Maggie Brascia.


This is the 8th pickleball podcast where the pickleball CHIX interview special guest, Pickleball Pro, Zane Navratil. He is currently ranked #4 in singles on the World Pickleball Rankings, but has been as high as #1, just last summer of 2022. Here are some impressive numbers: -18X APP Tour Gold Medalist -2X Major League Pickleball Champion -2X PPA Tour Gold Medalist -Major League Pickleball Premier League First-Round Draft Pick (2023 Season) with Team Frisco Clean Cause -2022 APP Cincinnati Open Triple Crown Winner The CHIX ask Zane about "Smack Pong", his family, growing up in Racine Wisconsin, and learn about the business opportunity Zane has found with his passion for pickleball. Zane has a connection to the midwest, and has played at a local Minnesota club - Lucky Shots where he has filmed videos. He is a mover and shaker, as he has several partners, such as ProXR pickleball paddle, Yobow recovery tool and Pickle Social owned by Competitive Social Ventures where encouraging play with unique themed entertainment venues center around experiences, premium food and beverage offerings, and live entertainment.


Let's make some waves with your pickleball game. Learn how to play better and win more games with our podcast guest, Mr. Mark Price, PPR Certified Professional Coach with Mark Price Pickleball, 5.0 Men's Pro Singles Georgia State Champ for 3 years! Mark brings a passion for pickleball, 25 years of professional sports coaching experience, professional camps, clinics and tips to help you boost your pickleball play. Wait to you hear where some of Mark's camps are held! We know which ones we want to attend-- Mark has a heart to bring love, joy, and hope to the lives of underprivileged children, both in the US and farther afield, by running (and providing the equipment for) Pickleball camps and events. Learn about the Mark Price Pickleball Foundation where he has teamed up with Score International and The Saving Susan Ministry.


This is the tenth episode where the Pickleball CHIX talk with pickleball PRO - Brendon H Long - of Naples, Florida playing on the Major League Pickleball team - the Miami Pickleball Club, and hot off the court taking the "GOLD" with Tyson McGuffin in Men's Doubles at the Selkirk Red Rock Open this past weekend in Utah where they battled Dekel Bar/Collin Johns and Riley Newman/James Ignatowich on their way to the GOLD. We get the inside scoop from Brendon - on the rollercoaster ride and the energy and excitement of the tournament.

We talk about how Brendon who is from Naples, Florida started playing pickleball because his Mom had known about pickleball. His Mom learned about pickleball from her brother. What a great story.

Brendon's Uncle claims he knew the guy that invented pickleball, and about 30 years ago, he bought a whole bunch of nets, and tried to pitch it to cruise ships and hotels and everything that it was more accessible in smaller, like smaller space sport. And he couldn't sell any of them. He just lost a whole bunch of money and no one no hotels or cruise ships wanted it.

Upon Brendon's return from college and who he met Kyle Yates and Barry Waddell in Fort Meyers, and created a fun friendship playing, having fun and started playing in pickleball tournaments.

FIRST TOURNAMENT - US Open Which interestingly enough is about to start in Naples, Florida, April 15 - 22, 2023.

What does Brendon like most about Men's Double Pickleball Partner, Tyson McGuffin?

Brendon - Answer: He is just very supportive. He's just very supportive as a partner.

 Miami Pickleball Club Major League Pickleball Play

The Miami Pickleball Club made two semi's, played really well end up having a tough loss in the semis. So it was a little disappointing for there after that one.

APP Pickleball Play

Bobbi Oshiro and Brendon Long take the GOLD playing Parris Todd and Hunter Johnson in the Gold Medal Match of Mixed Pro Doubles at the 2023 Daytona Beach Open APP held at Pictona at Holly Hill in Florida. This was Brendon's first GOLD!


CHIX talk pickleball slam and pickleball rules with Courtney Johnson, Director of Major League Pickleball Officiating

Bring me the next shiny new thing. The pickleball CHIX are obsessed with America's fastest growing sports pickleball. Get ready for on and off the court hot topics, lots of last cocktails and champagne with your hosts, Annie and Rebecca.

This is the eleventh episode where the Pickleball CHIX talk pickleball slam, pickleball rules and more with Courtney Johnson, Director of Officiating for Major League Pickleball. When we met Courtney she had just been awarded the Unsung Hero Award for her efforts with Major League Pickleball.

Courtney has also been a USA Pickleball Ambassador since 2017. She has officiated at MLP, PPA, APP, USA Pickleball, the Inaugural Pickleball Slam and various local tournaments and truly enjoys supporting the fastest growing sport in America.

You will hear about Courtney's experiences in officiating pickleball games at Major League Pickleball MLP, Professional Pickleball Association PPA, Association of Pickleball Professionals APP, USA Pickleball, and various local tournaments and truly enjoys supporting the fastest growing sport in America.

pickleball CHIX next event is on May 13th celebrating Mom's where there are two groups: 3.5+ and 3.0. All ladies will play 6 games of pickleball, and enjoy the exclusive pickleball CHIX lounge filled with warm-up, recovery, hydration, health and wellness products and experiences, including massages and more. Sign up on Court Reserve, or for more information click here.

Today’s “Word of the Day”

In honor of our guest, the word of the day is "court"

Today’s In the Kitchen Cocktail

Pink Court. The Pink Court is a beautiful glass of champagne (we prefer Moët Chandon) with raspberries.

We are also celebrating -- It's Courtney's Birthday - happy happy birthday! Courtney celebrated by playing pickleball at Chicken and Pickle with her friends, and later going for dinner with her hubby and daughter.

So how did Courtney get started?

Courtney says "I started playing just like with I feel like everyone in pickleball I started playing back in 2012. But in Texas, we didn't really start having tournaments till maybe like 2017 2018. So I just these tournaments needed referees. So obviously, I was like, Well, what do I need to do? Like, I'm loving help. And so back in 2017, I started officiating, and then I kind of figured out I kind of like this. So I really wanted to become certified and just get that, that highest level of certification with USA pickleball. So in 2018, I became a Certified Referee. So that just means I'm extra nerdy. I, you know, reffing isn't for everyone. But I really feel like I have a good demeanor, I'm able to communicate well communicate well with players. So it's just really been a lovely fit. And I love how helping out the pickleball community."

We also talk about the the Inaugural Pickleball Slam in the beginning of April. What an event!!

The event kicked off with 88 doubles teams across two divisions. Among the notable participants were Rick Barry, Basketball Hall of Famer; Danny Wuerffel, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and Univ. of Florida Legend; and Brooks Wiley, Commissioner, Major League Pickleball.

Four amateur players enjoyed the pickleball experience of a lifetime at the Amateur Pickleball Slam Tournament. Roscoe Bellamy and Matt Manasse of Los Angeles, and Daniel Revis and Seth Fine of Davie, FL, won their respective brackets and took home $10,000 grand prize each.

The winners also had the opportunity to face a team of tennis legends. Bellamy and Manasse matched up with tennis legends Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick and emerged victorious by a score of 15-9. Revis and Fine played John McEnroe and Michael Chang, falling to the legends 16-14.

The four legends: John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and Michael Chang thrilled a capacity crowd at the inaugural 2023 Pickleball Slam, a first-of-its-kind event showcasing four tennis legends playing the fastest growing sport in America – all for a $1M purse. The event was broadcast live from Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL on ESPN. The two and a half-hour event saw Agassi and Roddick emerge victorious, taking home bragging rights and the biggest tournament prize in pickleball history.

Cool moment at the Pickleball Slam: During a break in the doubles match, tennis legend Stefanie Graf, who was watching from the stands, was coaxed by McEnroe to play a point against her husband, Agassi. Click Here to watch.

Courtney's favorite legend player? Michael Chang - Courtney liked the way he asked questions about pickleball rules.

What did Courtney think about John McEnroe, and was she concerned he would live up to his reputation? Courtney said her husband reminded her to be prepared for McEnroe! During the event, Courtney said she was mentally prepared, and it really went well!

We talk rules, USA Pickleball is the governing body for pickleball. USA Pickleball gives pickleball players a voice with the rules. If you are a member of USA Pickleball you can subject your ideas for changes, Courtney has sat on the board for rules and said "every single" change is looked at and evaluated. New rules are published in December, and go in effect in January.

Join USA Pickleball Here

Click to view 2023 USA Pickleball Rules

So this rule, in particular, this USA pickleball rule. This one changed from 2022 to 2023. So say, the wrong score was called, you have this in 2023. Say the wrong score was called I serve, you have you had the opportunity to catch the ball and correct the score. Whereas in 2022, you couldn't stop the rally at all, if a wrong score was called. Now in 23, if I serve it, and you catch it, you can say, hey, the wrong score was called, and there's no fault. But if I serve it, and you return it, then you have to play the rally out and then fix the fix the incorrect score call at the end of the rally. So yep, you have up until that that return of serve to fix an incorrect score call without any fault associated with it.


The way it's written in the USA pickleball rulebook is that in order to call a ball out, you have to see space between the line and the ball.

Official Ref Outfits

We asked Courtney about the outfits, Major League Pickleball you will see Courtney in an orange top, and black slacks. PPA has their own shirts, with black pants. The pickleball SLAM Courtney was dressed from head to toe in K-SWISS

Who would Courtney like to play pickleball doubles with?

Tyson Apostel. He is He does the MLP Insider PodCast. He was on survivor for like so many seasons. Anyways, he and he was one of the interviewers, when I was on the MLP podcast, and I've met him a couple of times in person. And he's so fashionable. He always looks the best and he has this really good energy.

Get to know more about Courtney:

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