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Pickleball Gratitude Tips from Podcast

Pickleball TIPS from the CHIX

We would like to tribute our tips to our first coach Tracy, who really, really helped us learn more about the game, the strategy and the enjoyment of the game.

Let’s Talk Lobs!

What do you do when someone hits a lob over your head?

It seems to be pure chaos when the lobs fly! When a lob comes over the net, and your partner can’t hit the ball as it is going over their head, what should you do?

As a partner you should run to their side of the court diagonally, which first of all reduces possibility of injury and puts you in a good position to hit a good shot.


Your partner’s back will probably be facing the net – not a good way to return the ball.

And, if your partner does return the ball, most likely it will be up in the air, and we know what happens next – the other team “smashes” it back at you.

There are bonuses for this approach, such as:

  • You won’t stumble backwards – possibly get injured.

What should you do when your partner is running diagonally to return the ball?

  • You move to their side of the court and cover that side.

Once you know, these fundamentals, the game of pickleball becomes more fun.

One more tip from our Coach Tracy, when the ball is going back and forth at a faster pace, where you are feeling rushed, “S-L-O-W” it down – you have control, bring balance back to the game.

We hope you like these tips, we really want people to be able to experience the fun and have fun, and that we can say that we kind of helped someone along the way with their pickleball game, and that they just look at life a little bit differently.

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