Pickleball CHIX TOP 10 Pickleball Podcast Press Release 12/6/2022

Pickleball CHIX TOP 10 Pickleball Podcast Press Release 12/6/2022



Pickleball CHIX
Annie Niccum or Rebecca Hicks


Top 30 Pickleball Podcasts are Ranked
Pickleball CHIX Pickleball Podcast ranked #10

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Pickleball CHIX, "Pickleball Diaries" rank #10 in the top 30 pickleball podcasts, on December 2, 2022. This is an exciting accolade for the CHIX on their mission to share the magic of the hottest and fastest growing sport… “pickleball!”

 “CHIX – Annie + Rebecca (CHIX founders) are grateful to have the opportunity to share their pickleball obsession with those they play with on the court, their families and friends, listeners, and followers by bringing fun, inspiration, tips industry new, fabulous guests and amazing events to encourage a great life on and off the court!

 This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives of the company, including: 

  • CHIX extravaganza at Mega Pickle and Pong
  • CHIX eat DINK be Merry at Minneapolis Cider
  • Over 1200 Followers on Instagram
  • Obsessed and Manifest More Pickleball athleisure collection releases

Pickleball is the best sport, and laughter is the best medicine follow the CHIX for the fun!

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