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Boost Your Happy Hormones with Pickleball.

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Today we want you to think about the fact that how you start your pickleball game and how you feel matters.  

Here are some quick tips to boost your happy!

Tip #1 Be sure to begin with court warm-ups. These are a must! Rebecca says her game dramatically improves when she has warmed up on the court before a match.

Many pickleball coaches and authorities suggest starting at the kitchen line and dink softly back and forth several times, and then slowly work your way back to the serve line, practicing each of the different shots several times, this includes practicing your serve.

Pickleball, however is more than a game of skill, your mindset and attitude directly impact your game. This is also a game of strategy and patience. Some even compare pickleball to “chess”.  The no volley zone, referred to as “the kitchen” is what makes pickleball a chess-like sport. A soft and controlled shot moving downward shortly after it clears the net, landing in the no volley zone, is a dink shot, and used by many of the best pickleball players in the game. Proper positioning and strategy are part of the fun of pickleball. We’ve been fortunate to benefit from valuable tips from General Manager of Mega Pickle & Pong, Bob Lanzi, he reminds us “Don’t try to hit a winner, instead try to hit a non-loser to a good location”.  And, when looking for answers whenever you make a mistake on the court, Bob says, ask yourself “Where is my paddle and where are my feet”. Thank you Bob for the great advice!

This brings us to our next tip!

Tip #2 Shift your focus off the need to “win” and the fear of “losing” to the joy and fun of pickleball. You can achieve this state of mind by practicing the thoughts of the outcome that you want, so you can envision playing well and loving every minute of it and when you do this, you will walk away with much, much more than exercise. You will have had “fun” and will leave feeling good and feeling happy. And when you feel good, you start attracting positivity in all aspects of you life. And, this is the happy hormone boost benefit of pickleball.
You’ll increase dopamine by moving, serotonin by achieving a goal, oxytocin by giving compliments to your partner and endorphins by laughing.

Hope to see you on the court soon! The Pickleball Chix

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